Paracord for Sale

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Paracord for Sale

Paracord and paracord accessories have become very popular.  Originally, you could only find paracord for sale in military surplus stores, but now you can find paracord for sale in many different stores.  The best selection of color and style of paracord for sale is on the web.  Amazon, and other online stores sell paracord and you can also find instructions for making bracelets, and lanyards.  


Parachute cord otherwise known as paracord is a lightweight, nylon cord that has many uses.  Originally used as the cord in parachutes during World War II, this versatile cord is now used for all kinds of things.  The best use of this material is the manufacture of bracelets, necklaces, belts, and even dog leashes.  Available in many fashionable colors, paracord is a wonderful craft material and can be found in many craft shops.

Paracord Crafts

You can now find summer camps, schools, daycare centers, and youth groups using paracord in their arts and crafts creations.  A cottage industry has developed with sale of paracord as well as the accessories required for different products that can be created.  As a plus, the creations can be used in the outdoors for many different uses and as survival equipment.  And because paracord comes in so many colors, the possibilities are endless.  

Paracord Uses:

Paracord Accessories

In order to create some of the previously mentioned items, you need to have the accessories that are popular with paracord crafters.  These include the slide/release clip, the toggle, the shackle, and lobster clasp.  These paracord accessories are for sale in craft stores, at online venues, like Amazon, and Ebay. Due to the increase in the use of paracord, the accessories are much easier to find.  Paracord is for sale at reasonable prices and the accessories are extremely low cost.  The total to make a bracelet should be about $4.00 or $5.00 for the whole cost.  

Paracord for Survival

For a long time, hikers, climbers, campers, and people who enjoy activities in the great outdoors have understood and appreciated the benefits of paracord.  As survival equipment, paracord is very versatile.  Its’ uses include the familiar parachute cord, climbing support, attaching equipment, and as a tourniquet are just a few of the many uses for paracord.  Paracord is strong, yet lightweight and reasonably easy to adapt to the multiple uses.  It’s increasingly popular among generation y for its uses as well as its craft applications.