Paracord for Sale

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Paracord Buckles

There are many different types of buckles to use for your paracord bracelets.  Depending on your preference and how you want your paracord bracelet to look, you can use a knot and loop or use a slide buckle.  These paracord buckles come in flat or curved, side lock or latch type, and they come in many different sizes and colors. 

Ball and Loop

Another way to secure your paracord bracelet or necklace is with a ball knot that slips into the loop.  The one I like is the slip bead that secures the loop.  I found a video on YouTube that explains exactly how to do this.  It ends up being very secure  because the bead tightens up on the loop around the ball knot and it becomes fitted to your wrist.  This is also a good way to secure a paracord necklace.  And it makes it easy to put on and off. 

Curved, Slide Lock Buckle

The curved side lock buckle is the most popular and you can find it for sale in many places.  They are sold at craft stores and online, also.  Sometimes, you can purchase them in bulk.  I like to get them by the dozen and then I always have one on hand. 

Popular Sizes

Buckle size is a personal preference. And it depends on the size of the paracord stitch that you are using.  You want to match the size of the buckle with the width of the bracelet, so that it sits nicely on your wrist.  These come in 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch, and 1/2 inch, along with other sizes.

Latch Type

For a uniqu look, you can use a latch type buckle for your paracord bracelets.  You'll like the look of the bracelets when you use this type of clasp.  They're not as popular, but they will make your bracelets different from the ones that are mass produced and sold online.  Again, you have to consider the width of the bracelet and the stitch type.  Another thiing to consider is the colors of paracord that you are using to create the bracelets.

Lobster Claw

The lobster claw type of latch is preferred for necklaces and for narrow stitches.  They are very secure and a bit more difficult to put on with one hand when using for a bracelet.  The best thing about this is that when you are using the lobster claw to connect your paracord bracelets is that they are attractive and add something special to the look of your bracelet.